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Why Us?

We’re an innovative agency that utilizes cross-platform marketing strategies to create futures for our clients in this digital-first world. Founded in 1969, we’ve got over 50 years of experience in marketing & advertising for a variety of industries including automotive, healthcare, and finanical institutions.

The entire staff at Advocate is professional, caring, helpful and knowledgeable. The work they do is innovative and personal. Have the utmost of respect for each member of the staff!
- Karen Leonard, Alan Vines Automotive

Automotive Marketing

Car buying decisions are being made less and less at the actual dealership. People know what they’re looking for and their Google searches showcase this growing trend. No longer do they decide just on a model; they are searching for a specific vehicle with specific options and most often, a specific price range. By the time a consumer has actually reached the dealership, their decision is basically made. For continued success, the future is finding potential customers during that search.

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“Digital” seems to be a frequently used buzz word but what does digital mean and how is it beneficial to you as a car dealer? Digital can help you find your targeted demographic and introduce them to your vehicles. Advances in technology allow us to do this by determining if they have visited your dealership, whether they have visited your website, or even whether they have searched for a make or model of vehicle that you sell.

You also have the ability to serve ads to potential buyers after they leave your dealership, not only reminding them of the benefits your product has over your competition but also by serving them targeted, specific ads that match their interest. If they’re searching for an SUV, you wouldn’t want to waste money showing them a compact car, right? It’s like your own personal, online salesman who follows up after they leave.


Show ads to customers who enter your dealership, targeting them after they leave. Our vast ad network spans major web publishers, apps, as well as social networks like Facebook. This advantage means we can target your customers almost anywhere, reminding them of your services and vehicles.

Automated Inventory Ad Targeting

Using your inventory we can serve ads for cars that you need to sell the most. There’s no need to continue running mini-van ads if you only have a couple left but trucks are moving slowly. All ads are automatically updated and shown to customers based on your actual inventory needs. This solution often consolidates the number of vendors you advertise with, covering multiple needs, and ultimately making your business run more efficiently.


Targeting your competitor’s location(s) and those who visit these locations serves as a perfect opportunity to tout your brand’s advantages over the competition. These ads run on the same platform as geotargeting, meaning we can serve ads to your customers almost anywhere across the internet.

Co-op Management

We can handle all of your co-op needs to ensure that your ads meet the required criteria and proper documentation is submitted in a timely manner for quickest reimbursement. With co-op guidelines and requirements changing often, we ensure you’ll always meet their strict requirements across all mediums of eligible advertising.

Print & Traditional

While digital seems to be the current focus, it is important not to underestimate the power of traditional advertising and marketing. Your customers are still seeing outdoor billboards, watching television, reading the newspaper, and listening to the radio. It’s important to have a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes all of these mediums, allowing potential customers to read or hear about you, then driving them to find your business or vehicles online.

We also offer competitive pricing on direct mail, banners, signs, advertising specialties, promotional products and more!

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The Advocate Group is not a “cookie-cutter” advertising and marketing agency! You won’t find your dealership’s advertising in a different market with another dealership’s logo splashed on it. Taking a personal approach with each client, researching their needs and potential market, results in better creative and more successful results.