We’re taking $100 off our social media ad management fee.

The unique targeting capabilities of Facebook and Instagram are a gold mine for business owners. These capabilities help you connect with your target audience in ways not possible before.


Hundreds of Ad Variations

Our software creates 100s+ variations of your ad that we then run and test. As certain ads begin to outperform others, we automatically turn off underperforming ads, making your money go further.


Retargeting Ads

We can place a snippet of code on your website that will allow us to automatically target users who have visited your website. Think of it as your personal assistant that automatically follows up with leads!


Campaign Reports

Advocate Group strives to be as transparent as possible with your campaign. We provide clients with a monthly report; however, a report can be provided at any time upon request.


How do I secure the discount?

If you are interested in receiving $100 off, simply fill out the contact form on this page and one of our specialists will reach out to you as soon as we return.

Does filling out this form mean a commitment?

You are not committing to any package or service by filling this form. You are simply stating your interest in receiving our Black Friday deal.

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