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You may have heard of VIN level retargeting ads that allow you to help promote your vehicles online and sell your inventory. But, what exactly are they? These types of ads for automotive dealerships can be some of the most impactful types of digital marketing available for increasing sales.

Let’s start by discussing what exactly are retargeting ads. Think of retargeting ads as your personal assistant who follows up with potential leads. These types of ads use a snippet of code that is placed on your website to show your ad to your websites’ visitors even after they leave your site. You may have noticed these types of ads when you’ve searched for a product on Amazon and then left the site only to be shown ads for that exact same product later.

That’s the powerful part, or the VIN level retargeting. When a user visits your website and views a vehicle they aren’t just shown a generic factory ad such as Ford or Mitsubishi. They are shown an ad for the exact vehicle they were looking at, down to the VIN level. This is why they are often referred too as VIN level retargeting ads.

These ads are created dynamically, often using the exact search phrases a user searched as the text for the ad, to almost immediately begin targeting a user upon leaving a page. Other third-party data is combined with this targeting capability to understand when a user or potential customer has bought a car and should no longer receive your ads. This ensures efficient spend of your money and protects your advertising investment from being wasted on a customer who has already bought a car elsewhere.

These types of ads are shown across the Google ad network, along with other ad serving partners. Because of these partnerships, your ad can be shown to your websites’ visitor virtually wherever they go on the web.,, and other notable websites are all a part of this network.

Effectiveness of Targeted Ads


Users seem to agree that they would rather see targeted ads, personalized to them. Targeted ads are typically about twice as effective as non-targeted advertisements. 

If your dealership has not incorporated VIN level retargeting ads as part of its overall digital strategy you are losing out on tons of potential leads and indeed, sales. At Advocate Advertising Group, our Auto Advocate team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible digital marketing solutions for automotive dealerships, top-notch customer support, and impressive results for our clients, each and every time.

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